Guaranteed Success Executive Program

Guaranteed Success Executive Program (GSEP)

“Get Noticed! Get Interviewed! Get That Next Job!”

Our unique, GSEP allows our exclusive candidates to Get That Next Job© in 60-90 days. They can and will secure the job/position, compensation,  market place, company and product they have chosen or the money they have invested in the GSEP is refunded.

This is an exclusive group of clients. We only work with a limited number of executive clients who pass our rigorous entry process and are accepted into our program. As part of that entry process, our prospective clients must also meet experiential, educational and financial criteria. 

All prospective clients initially complete selected portions of our Introspection, Marketing and Targeting process. We will then review the information garnered and select those who have the talent, drive, dedication and work ethic to succeed.

Once accepted into the GSEP program, we will guide you through the Personal Marketing Strategy Program© (PMSP) to attract the attention of the real Hiring Authority, the CEO or Chairperson of the Board to secure an Interview, offer and position you seek. The goal of our GSEP program is to help our clients select the officers of the company or board who have the budget, authority to hire and the ability to see our clients as an opportunity, not a risk.

Our process includes: Introspection Tool (Harvey 54) and a 12 step Action Plan to go to market. (It further includes all the Marketing Templates, Targeting and our Paradigm Interviewing Techniques.  We help you convert any interview from a confrontation to a conversation. 

Once you or we obtain an interview for our clients either individually or with our help, we will coach you through to offer, acceptance or declination. 

Our 300 page website materials have been thoroughly tested in the market place over the last 11 years coaching. The preliminary methodology and contents were also used successfully in our 17 year recruiting practice. Much of the content and its basic philosophy was developed  in our 3 years of National Outplacement work.

The PMSP products work. Historically, our clients who work the program exclusively secure the job/assignment in less that 90 days.

We are in constant contact with our clients, at least weekly, daily some times with no limitation to time until you accept an offer.

We do warranty your success. Call and ask about our Guaranteed Success Executive Program. There is no risk, only opportunity. 

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