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Complete “get THAT NEXT job” Site

The Resume-Less Job Search


“get That Next job!©” has finally changed the paradigm of the job search process. Our 21st century transition methodology is applicable to all candidates; administration, sales, manager, civilian and military, individuals or General Staff. “Today is your first Tomorrow!”

Our seven fold PMSP path allows you to Discover Who YOU are to developing a Life Long Network of Decision Makers.

1. Introspection: Know you, your target companies, and their executives.
2. Marketing: Learn how to prepare “marketing” materials that will get you NOTICED. Move from the HERD to be HEARD.
3. Targeting: Choosing the right market place, companies, products, clients and competitors for you specifically.
4. Implementation: To provide a Step-by-Step marketing program to Prepare and Present the candidate’s credentials. Our step-by-step search methods will guide you through your transition process in a comfortable, efficient way that will keep your confidence intact and your eyes always on the ultimate goal.
5. Interviewing: Based on our 7 unique questions; learn a new powerful interviewing technique that will turn most interviews from confrontations to conversations. “get INTERVIEWED.” Know what to ask, when, why and how.
6. Negotiation: Learn how to negotiate from a position of strength to “get THAT NEXT job!”
7. Life Network: Finally, learn how to develop a “Real Network” that will always be there to enable you to get THAT NEXT next job!